Still Life


Over the holidays, my favorite lady Maddy and I got together to shoot some photos. I had the weird idea of freezing some flowers in a block of ice as an homage to winter. I decided to call the series “Still Life” because they are literally a frozen moment in the life of these flowers, and, I mean, I’m an art history nerd so I will always look for new ways to honor old concepts.

still4stilllife2So yes, this is my new blog. I am excited to start something new, although I am still working out a lot of kinks. I am excited to make this blog a space where I can share the things I make, as well as what inspires me. I will continue to do my Cabinet of Curiosities, because I love collaging all the things I am vibing with into one post. But I want there to be a lot more interviews with creative people, and profiles of people from the past that continue to inspire me. still2stilllife1still3stilllife11still5stilllife14